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Title: Touch of Life Cleaning Instructions

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/18/2012

Description: Contains the recommended methods of cleaning the rubber used for Touch of Life Fetal Models.

Group Fetal Models, Touch of Life, First Trimester
Item 1st Trimester, Brown COUNSELING VERSION
Item Number 7557FT
Material Rubber
Material Color Brown
Process Hand Made
Length 9 in.
Size 2W x 8H x 9T
Weight 15 Oz.
Includes 7 (9LMP),8 (10LMP),9 (11LMP) and 10 (12LMP) weeks
Reviewed Physician Approved
Description: FIRST TRIMESTER MODEL SET COUNSELING VERSION • Includes fetal development cards for each week’s development. • Each card includes fetal image and documented developmental facts on the back. Set includes 25 of each card. • Models are medically accurate in size and shape with lifelike detail that will captivate anyone who sees them. • Set is designed to help clients see and feel the humanity of their baby and take a reminder home with them. • Available in white, brown, and black in a metal carrying case.


Customer Reviews

Undefeated Courage is affiliated with Sidewalk Advocates for Life. We stand near Planned Parenthood in Harrisburg and reach out to women in crisis. We use the Touch of Life model during our loving and gentle interaction. We explain that the length of the baby is accurate when legs are straight. We keep this model in our Sidewalk bag for our afternoon team. This is a wonderful visual aid! We also share valuable literature and hand out Blessing Bags which spread our mission "Love Welcomes Life."
By: Denise C. Rentschler
Inserted: 1/3/2019

Beautifully made and presented. They are a great mixture of smallness yet such intricacies in their development is easy to see.
Inserted: 1/3/2019

We have used the fetal models at church events, community events, educational opportunities, and while assisting with sidewalk counseling. These models save lives. They are easy to care for and are great to hand out. The fetal models are very accurate, soft, and life-like. They tend to draw children, teenagers, and adults to booths that have them available. They provide a great witness and everyone always wants to touch and handle them. They open the door to conversations that may not have happened otherwise. This company's products make it possible for my ministry that I was called to do and the work that God planned for me to be successful in sharing the sanctity of all human life and the intrinsic value that we all carry inside us. Thank you!
By: Ryan R.
Inserted: 12/29/2018

I have used these products many times. They are soft and easy to care for. They provide a witness for the humanity that exist in the womb. I have shared this product many times and have even helped to save lives with them. I can’t say enough about the high quality of this product and the value it has added to God’s ministry of saving the lives of the preborn. It is a great educational tool.
By: Teresa
Inserted: 12/29/2018

High quality and very life-like. Excellent product!
By: T. Robertson
Inserted: 12/29/2018

I was so excited to receive this set of models. Having seen them at another CPC, I knew how lifelike they were. However, I am still amazed at the impact they have on almost anyone who sees them. From little children to older adults, everyone wants to hold them. These models are a great teaching tool for all ages.
By: Kathy Landon
Inserted: 11/4/2013

Since buying this set I often have the urge to open the box just to look upon these babies and remind myself how tiny but well-formed they are. It is amazing to hold them! I can't wait to begin sidewalk counseling and bring these babies downtown. I know they'll catch some attention and help to change hearts in a way nothing else can.
By: Megan Buehler
Inserted: 10/30/2013

We had the larger Touch of Life fetal models before we bought these. Adding this set has really helped us show our parishioners - especially the teens - the humanity of the child from early in a pregnancy. Everyone loves to hold the babies especially the little children.
By: Lynette
Inserted: 9/26/2013

It is really a jewlery box!! It has the most perfect model of a baby in its first stages... Great for classes, especially teenagers!
By: Sofia Martinez
Inserted: 6/28/2013

These Life Touch models are crucial for those who minister to pregnant women in the first trimester. Over the last 10 years I have been blessed to use these models to show a real picture of a first trimester baby. We use these not only in our medical clinic, but as well in presentations in the schools. We often hear "Wow! is this real size, I am amazed." Knowing these are medically accurate gives us credibility and allows us to serve our patients with integrity.
By: Wendy
Inserted: 5/6/2013

These amazing little models are simply perfect. Accurate in weight and features, these are a great tool to help a mother understand the reality and value of the tiny life she carries, as well as the importance of things like good prenatal nutrition.
By: Tracey Moore
Inserted: 5/3/2013

These fetal models are great teaching tools! I work @ a Pregnancy clinic in CA and the clients are always amazed how developed the babies are @ such an early stage. These little guys definitely help change a lot of minds.
By: Dolly
Inserted: 12/21/2012

These are amazing!! I worked extensively in the Bronx, sidewalk counseling and these models worked wonders. On their way into the abortion clinic clients actually stopped to look at what I had, initially thinkng I was selling jewelry (since the models are enclosed in a fancy velvet box) they were amazed at the humanity of their babies once they looked inside-buy these for sidewalk counseling!
By: Julie Beyel
Inserted: 10/31/2012

These models are perhaps the most effective tool (outside of a 4D ultrasound) to show and teach the stages of life in the womb. We will use them to reach mothers at Las Vegas abortion mills who have no concept of the life they carry. Seeing is believing. At least they will know the truth.
By: Pastor Wally Smith
Inserted: 10/14/2012

No pregnancy center should be without these models. They are vital for counseling abortion vulnerable and minded clients. The models blow the clients minds.
By: Terrie Winkates
Inserted: 10/8/2012

I bought this set some time ago. It has proven to be priceless at our local abortion mill. We show it to people and let them touch the babies. Women are still being told that, "it's just tissue." These little models definitively show them that they are pregnant with a baby! I chose to get brown because we have so many people of differing ethnicity in our city.
By: Linda Ott
Inserted: 9/30/2012

We have owned these for several years until they disappeared one day! We loved them and now they are loved by someone else. We have to order another set asap. They make a huge impact at elementary schools, high schools and even colleges! These are an amazing educational tool!
By: Hope Mobile
Inserted: 9/25/2012

I love, love, love these models. They are so adorable and really draw people in! Perfect for a lesson on fetal growth and development! Every pro-life group needs them!
By: Kayla Kessinger
Inserted: 9/21/2012

I have been using the fetal models as a sidewalk counselor for 15 years. They have helped save many lives.
By: James Thoma
Inserted: 9/18/2012

These fetal models are a wonderful teaching tool. We use them alongside the full scale models, which never fail to draw people into our booth. They always lead to discussions about early human development & shock that "so much goes on" at such an early stage.
By: Dawn
Inserted: 9/18/2012

These are great and a wonderful companion to the larger set. The kids love to look at the amazing details. The only thing I worry about is if a little one breaks or walks away with one of the babies! They are expensive to lose! We had given away the 12 week models in the past, and sometimes people get confused and want to keep these! Thanks for such a great product!
By: Mary
Inserted: 9/12/2012

When we first ordered these I was not so sure that they would be effective. I was wrong! I have found that our clients react better to these than the uterine models when we are trying to explain fetal development. Plus the clients are curious when we pull out the box b/c it looks somewhat like a jewelery box. We ordered brown b/c they don't look dirty after many hands have held them and the brown seems more relavant to a broad range of clients. I am glad we made the investment!
By: Lynette Worthy
Inserted: 9/12/2012

Love these. They are hard to put down. Our center ordered them for crisis pregnancy counseling. We chose them because these are the most common ages/stages at which children are aborted. A baby is a baby, no matter how small!
By: Dawn Sandberg
Inserted: 8/20/2012

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