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Group Literature, Bulletins
Item PACK (100): Who Will Speak Up
Item Number 9930WW-P
Format Sheet
Material 60# Opaque
Material Color White
Process Process Printing
Imprinted With Gloss Coated
Length 1 Pgs.
Size 5.5W x 8.5H
Weight 12.9 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 100
Description: Three “One life at a time” stories show how everyday people can make a difference for life. Also has brief abortion facts and practical suggestions for getting involved. SOLD IN PACKS OF 100 ONLY.


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8.5"x5.5" 4-Color Inserts
8.5"x5.5" 4-Color Inserts
8.5"x5.5" 4-Color Inserts
8.5"x5.5" 4-Color Inserts
8.5"x5.5" 4-Color Inserts
8.5"x5.5" 4-Color Inserts
8.5"x5.5" 4-Color Inserts
8.5"x5.5" 4-Color Inserts

Customer Reviews

This particular bulletin insert is so powerful, for it makes the reader realize that the unborn baby has NO voice other than us pro-life people standing up for it. SO IMPORTANT!
By: Betty McDonald
Inserted: 1/1/2019

I really love the message in this pamphlet. It reminds the reader how fragile, vulnerable and precious the unborn baby is, and calls the reader to keep eyes open and ACT. It does this in an informative, non threatening way. I've passed these out at my church, provided some for Respect Life activities at a sister church, and put one in every envelope that comes to me asking me to save the birds, whales, earth, etc., reminding the receiver that human life is the most important life to save.
By: Patricia
Inserted: 12/31/2018

All of the Bulletin inserts are great. I have bought them to leave in laundry-mats because customers are always looking for something to read. There are many places that you can leave them, and I have ordered them to use in bulletins at my church.
By: Stella Steely Milam
Inserted: 12/31/2018

This insert can be used in so many ways to encourage people to support your pregnancy center.
By: St. Giannas Pregnancy Resource Center
Inserted: 12/30/2018

I love these bulletin inserts to educate people as to the pro-life issues. Thanks.
By: Juanita
Inserted: 1/5/2013

My favorite thing about this insert is that it calls the reader to act! Not only that, it gives suggestions on how to do so. The title, "Who will speak up for the little ones?", provokes a sense of duty to the reader.
By: Dawn Heuglin
Inserted: 11/19/2012

Really great way of quickly educating others. We inserted these on our church bulletins and many were speaking about it. We also distributed some personally and people happily accepted them.
By: Oscar Corea
Inserted: 9/21/2012

Love these! The selection is tremendous! The quality is exactly what you want when presenting the pro-life message in a professional way. Bright colors & a bold message! Greeters pass these out at the door of our church when welcoming memebers & guests for Sunday worship. The variety offered allows for multiple opportunities to present the LIFE message & that message is always fresh & new. It furhter allows the LIFE message to correspond with Mother's/Father's Day, 40 Days for Life, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, anniversary of Roe & Doe, elections, etc...
By: Julia
Inserted: 9/4/2012

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