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Title: Banner Frame Plans

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/18/2012

Description: Using PVC, a quick, easy, and portable frame can be made for banners with grommets. Use when wanting to use banners in temporary locations.

Group Banners, Vinyl Banner
Item Respect All Life
Item Number B141RA
Material 11 oz Vinyl
Material Color White
Process Large Format Ink Jet
Imprint Color Full-Color
Imprinted With UV Resistant
Size 96W x 48H
Weight 55 Oz.
Description: These premium quality flex-vinyl banners are printed using UV (sun) resistant inks on sturdy, rip resistant vinyl that will last for years. Great for use as a backdrop in a fair booth, on the front or side of buildings and clinics, even on an interior wall where you want to make a dramatic statement. The banners can be rolled up into a small package for easy carrying. Each banner is hemmed all the way around for strength and has grommets every two feet for easy mounting. PRODUCTION TIME ADDS 1 TO 2 DAYS.


Customize this Product

This product can be customized with your own text, your logo, and even your own pictures. Start with our design or have us design something new. To order, just give us a call at 1-800-858-3040 or view more details at PRCprintshop.org

Art Fee
4'x8' Full-Color 13oz Vinyl
4'x8' Full-Color 13oz Vinyl
4'x8' Full-Color 13oz Vinyl
4'x8' Full-Color 13oz Vinyl

Customer Reviews

We have used this over and over for various events - carried it in parades (you can make "handles" with pvc pipe) at the county fair and in front of our church. We also loan it to the Knights every year - it is great quality as it still looks great!
By: Billie Crotty / St Patricks
Inserted: 9/6/2014

Love these bumper stickers! I have had people key my car because of them and shake their head. But on the contrary, I have had people stop me in a parking lot to talk about it or follow me to my house (which was quite creepy but it ended well). Just great results and a great way to tell the world what you believe! They are also excellent quality! Had one for over 4 years!
By: Rebecca
Inserted: 8/11/2014

Great way to get the Pro-life message out infront of the public. We use them on our Right to life group signboards. We have several around our county. We have a traveling sign we move to a different location monthly during the summer. We also use the portable sign for our county parades and fairs. Very durable and well made, still have the first one we ordered decades ago.
By: Warren & Peggy Porter
Inserted: 4/7/2014

I run a sign project in Buffalo and easily this is the sign/banner that is the most requested by all different church groups. The message is simple and powerful. The banners are very sturdy and last for years.
By: Matt
Inserted: 11/9/2013

We purchased this banner years ago at our parish and we use it every year for our Memorial Day for the Unborn. It is durable, but not indestructible!
By: Dina Ferchmin
Inserted: 11/5/2013

Several families in our area have purchased these banners for permanent display in their yards. They are good quality and eye-catching.
By: Shelby Co RTL
Inserted: 9/26/2013

We have used the 'Respect All Life' banner at our parish annual festivals and diocesan sponsored pro-life events for the past four years. The message that life is precious at all stages is clearly demonstrated. Needless to say, the banner looks like new after all its use.
By: Peter Wingert
Inserted: 6/6/2013

A most loving display and witness urging everyone to appreciate life at all stages. Our respect-life ministry displayed this banner while we were circulating our quarterly newsletter after our Masses. One little precious two year old actually went up to the banner and kissed the baby's face. This loving gesture made us all stop, think, wonder, if a small child can recognize this baby as a precious life, then why do adults have a hard time knowing that same fact? "A child shall lead us." (Is. 11:6, 8-9; Mk. 10:15; Matt. 18:1ff; Lk. 11:11ff)
By: Rich & Jacqui Breed
Inserted: 5/6/2013

We have several of these banners and they are of excellent quality. We have two that are in a permit location and up year round for two years. They are great and can be ordered to fit.
By: Dee Bennette
Inserted: 3/27/2013

We display this banner during Respect Life Month every October on our banner stand at the entrance to our church/school parking lot. It's a beautiful banner that clearly shows the broad spectrum of life and those whose lives should be respected.
By: Yolanda Cory
Inserted: 1/6/2013

We used this at our Right to life booth at our county fair, many more seniors visited us this year.This is such a life honoring picture for all ends of the spectrum of life.
By: Regina
Inserted: 10/5/2012

Great product. We coordinated with several churches and the diocesan office. We bought over 10 to get the discount and now these vinyl banners rotate among the different parishes. They are very sturdy and very noticeable! This one is the most popular and most requested by parishes.
By: Matt Boyle
Inserted: 9/14/2012

Our ministry hangs these banners in our church hall during Respect Life Sunday. They are eye catching without being offensive. A great way to draw attention over to our information table.
By: Silvana
Inserted: 9/13/2012

I receive the weekly specials via email and when the banners were aabout half of the cost, I forwarded the message to the chairperson of an upcoming conference. The banner was ordered and the quality is great. I will continue to forward the email specials - many people have commented on them and are appreciative!
By: Debbie
Inserted: 9/13/2012

We have been using the banner for the past 3 years in front of our Catholic Church during October & January. It is still in very good shapewithstanding all the elements including the very cold & snow of Cleveland, Ohio. We picked this particular banner becasue it encompassed both ends of the Life spectrum; non-political; and with a gentle message to be appropriate on a busy suburban street.
By: Regina Wyrzykoswki
Inserted: 8/29/2012

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