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Group Fetal Models, 11-14 Week Models
Item PACK (40): Precious One, Blanket, English
Item Number 751PO-WB-P
Material Rubber
Material Color Pink
Process Machine Mold
Size 0.75W x 2.5H x 0.75T
Weight 31.34 Oz.
Includes English Development Card,Assorted blanket colors
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 40
Description: Soft...Beautiful...Solid...Accurate. Plus, a Nice, warm blanket!
  • Precious One™ is the most realistic 12-week fetal model ever developed.
  • Precious One™ is inexpensive, but soft to the touch and lifelike in their appearance and feel!
  • Watch as these models move hearts and change minds when people visit your fair booth, participate in your Walk for Life, and church members witness their true-to-life size and feel!
  • Precious One™ comes with a free, full-color development card (in English) describing the first trimester of life and detailing the child’s development.
  • Available exclusively from Heritage House, Precious One™ creates the same dramatic effect as more expensive handmade models!
  • Each box of fetal models comes with assorted blanket colors in quantities of 40+.
  • Mix and match colors and languages.


Customer Reviews

I bought these as a teaching tool some 20 years ago (the hard plastic) and to my amazement my children, little toddlers, fell in love with them and would carry them around with them. Because of that I asked my pastor if I could put them at the pro-life table at the back of the church. They go like hot cakes. I don't even know how many have been distributed!
By: Lynn Willig
Inserted: 4/12/2019

Precious little ones are a great learning took for everyone. They help show the humanity of the unborn at the earliest of stages.
By: Erica Ward
Inserted: 12/31/2018

These models are a great teaching tool. They are inexpensive so you can give them away. Young girls are especially drawn to them. I also give them to mothers so that they can teach their children about pro-life.
By: John Koch
Inserted: 12/29/2018

Ordered these to give to women who have had abortions. Do wish I had received one of every color, but they are precious.
By: Pam
Inserted: 3/20/2017

I got one at the NE state fair and decided to order some for our showcase (St. Marys Catholic Church) booth. We have on display the whole set also.
By: Cheryl Dedrickson
Inserted: 1/12/2017

We use these in our booths at community events. We give them out free because we want to share the impact of them with others. We are a small center but it is worth purchasing them. I love the idea of naming them - we will be encouraging that! The blankets made it even more sweet.
By: Amanda
Inserted: 1/21/2015

These wonderful models are always a big hit. The little blankets seem to make them even more appealing and life-like, cuddly actually. We have run out again. We are also going to use them in the 6, 7, and 8th grades of our parish school this year, in conjunction with the Spiritual Adoption program.
By: Janice O'Brien
Inserted: 8/20/2014

We used these at our last two booths one was a parade the other a 4th of July celebration. At both they were our best seller. The more people that bought them and carried them around the more people would see them and seek us out. They attached children to our booth and then the parents would follow and give us an opportunity to share our message of life. In the past we had tried wrapping our own babies. Buying them already wrapped was well worth the money.
By: Kanda Mowbray
Inserted: 7/24/2014

I got one of these baby's at my 4H fair and they are beautiful. I will buy more so that everyone can see that the little tiny babies deserve a right to life too.
By: Cassidy geiser
Inserted: 7/13/2014

I pass these out in the gift bags that women receive after a positive pregnancy test. These are even more realistic than the previous fetal models. This little baby speaks a thousand words.
By: Teresa Parker
Inserted: 6/11/2014

These are given to the moms at the abortion clinic. When they see them, you can tell it sparks doubt in their hearts and it leaves a lasting impression. I love the feel of them, so soft.
By: michelle
Inserted: 4/21/2014

We used these at our pregnancy help center's banquet as "table decor" near every place setting. The reason we are here is to help save babies, and what better way than to swaddle a precious baby and see it throughout a banquet or celebration of human life event? Loved them!
By: Alicia
Inserted: 4/15/2014

These models are THE BEST! We got them from our 40 Days coordinator to use at sign ups. The little girls LOVED having a baby to take home and care for. I encouraged them to name their baby. The moms were very appreciative to have such a powerful visual for their daughters.
By: Karen Salstrom
Inserted: 2/27/2014

At our pregnancy center we have found that these fetal models in the tiny blankets always bring big smiles. We hand them out at churches when we are invited to speak there, and we use them in the schools when we go to teach our abstinence lessons. We LOVE these babies!
By: Celeste Hoffman
Inserted: 10/7/2013

I have a Precious One with Blanket that was given to me a couple of years ago in memory of my own sweet little boy whom I lost. He is very precious to me indeed! Thank you for a wonderful life-like product that can help heal grieving hearts!
By: Marissa
Inserted: 9/29/2013

This year we ordered the models with the blankets for our pro-life fair booth and they were a real hit. Even though the features of the baby aren't as visible, I'm sure the blankets will come off and they will be visible then. But holding a model in your hand with the blanket is heart-warming and makes one think pro-life for sure.
By: Nancy
Inserted: 9/17/2013

These darling babies are like a magical draw to my pro-life booth at the Go 4th Festival and at our county fair. They are a great fundraiser as I use them as a premium for a $1.00 donation. It is a lot of fun watching children and even some adults deciding on a "boy" or a "girl" baby depending on the color of the blanket.
By: Norma Peters
Inserted: 7/9/2013

Our clients love receiving these in their positive bags. They find it so interesting to see just how small their babies are.
By: Kelly
Inserted: 6/5/2013

These baby models make a huge impact when we have a sexuality talk and Natural Family Planning classes with the Marriage Preparation couples. I highly recommend them.
By: Martha Miller
Inserted: 5/14/2013

Thees are great because sometimes children want to take the bigger (30 week) models but we can gladly give tnem a smaller one (12 weeks) to take home.
By: Jose
Inserted: 2/24/2013

The effectiveness lies in the clarity of the model. It is important to see the little fingers and toes. Please order the ones WITHOUT the blankets.
By: Jan
Inserted: 2/23/2013

I love this new option when ordering the models. For years, I have sat and wrapped each model myself for different classes I teach. This is a gift to me ;-)
By: B. Martinez
Inserted: 1/15/2013

Little babies in blankets are a huge hit! I keep some in my purse, take them to my doctors and even give them to complete strangers. Everyone is pleased and thrilled when a little one is put into their hands. They are precious soft babies, so small and yet make a big impact on people helping them understand who and where real babies (looking just like the models) came from. They are a reflection of God in a blanket! I love the message on the cards and can share with everyone! Heritage House, your items help to bring the blessings of life to the forefront and aid in the remembrance of those unborn who wait in Heaven with their Savior. Thank You, Heritage House for doing so much to make a future possible for all of those unborn and daily help bring awareness to the world that conception is the beginning of life!
By: Mia Archer
Inserted: 10/31/2012

Great for training purposes. Very durable also. Kids get a kick out of them knowing they used to be that small.
By: janet
Inserted: 10/8/2012

I received one of these at the local "40 Days for Life" kick-off. i was moved by the sweet little person in my hands. When I shared the precious one with my friends, they too were touched. What a beautiiful way to show the beauty of life. We ask our supporters for "Youth March for Life" to hold one in their hand. Thanks!
By: Lorie Dean
Inserted: 9/27/2012

I had to order these right away. The blanket is impact-full and I have seen it make a difference to mothers who were considering abortion. It has changed their mind and heart!
By: Tonya Gruszynski
Inserted: 9/25/2012

I help organise a Great Expectations Stall at the Annual Agricultural Show in Adelaide South Australia. We show people the miracle of life from conception to birth. We have just finished the show week, and found that we ran out of these foetal models, they were so popular. We did not have them with the blanket around them. I think this is a brilliant idea, as a number of little children buy them to play with. I pray the image of this foetal model never leaves them.
By: dr antonia turnbull
Inserted: 9/23/2012

I have a pro life booth I do at our fair each year... these are great to hand out to young people. We actually gave one to a girl who used it in a report in public school. Plan to hand out more this year
By: rebecca Smith
Inserted: 9/21/2012

I love giving each student a baby for their own at the Release Time Events. This is a religious education time the school allows for our students 1 - 12. The soft babies (and i like the newer ones with blankets) are delightful and welcomed by both genders. Thank you for your resources and work you do for promoting Life and the tools for teaching Life. God Bless You.
By: Lisa Boie
Inserted: 9/20/2012

We have been using these in 2 ways: -1- Our church Respect for Life Ministry was getting some resisitance to us having the older fetal models as give-aways at our Carnival table. The blanket seems to make all this difference! The various colors are a nice touch also. -2- We also use them as pass-arounds to Grade 6, 7, & 8 students as we discuss fetal development. It eliminates the "eeww - gross" reaction that some kids had with the prior version of models.
By: Regina Wyrzykowski
Inserted: 8/29/2012

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