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Title: Banner Frame Plans

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/18/2012

Description: Using PVC, a quick, easy, and portable frame can be made for banners with grommets. Use when wanting to use banners in temporary locations.

Group Banners, Vinyl Banner
Item Choose Life
Item Number B177CL
Material 11 oz Vinyl
Material Color White
Process Large Format Ink Jet
Imprint Color Full-Color
Imprinted With UV Resistant
Size 96W x 48H
Weight 55 Oz.
Description: These premium quality flex-vinyl banners are printed using UV (sun) resistant inks on sturdy, rip resistant vinyl that will last for years. Great for use as a backdrop in a fair booth, on the front or side of buildings and clinics, even on an interior wall where you want to make a dramatic statement. The banners can be rolled up into a small package for easy carrying. Each banner is hemmed all the way around for strength and has grommets every two feet for easy mounting. PRODUCTION TIME ADDS 1 TO 2 DAYS.


Customize this Product

This product can be customized with your own text, your logo, and even your own pictures. Start with our design or have us design something new. To order, just give us a call at 1-800-858-3040 or view more details at PRCprintshop.org

Art Fee
4'x8' Full-Color 13oz Vinyl
4'x8' Full-Color 13oz Vinyl
4'x8' Full-Color 13oz Vinyl
4'x8' Full-Color 13oz Vinyl

Customer Reviews

Absolutely a great product and banner! Love the quality and ease of use. Purchased it to use with our fair booth, and when we put it up, the building we were in was already decorated red, white and blue, which made this an even more powerful message.
By: Heather Yardley
Inserted: 1/14/2019

This beautiful banner was displayed at the corner of our church property at a very busy intersection before the November elections. I'd like to think we got a lot of Pro-Life Votes from this banner for sure!
By: Anna
Inserted: 1/3/2019

When we have our pro-life booth at the county fair, we always hang our banner at the back of the booth. The banner is bright and noticeable and an important part of our pro-life ministry at the fair.
By: Nancy Schrader
Inserted: 5/12/2014

We keep them hung in various places throughout the year and in the DC march for life. Very good quality.
By: daniel hirtz
Inserted: 11/15/2013

This banner is bright and highly visible from the street. We have used ours for 2 years, displaying it in all weather at least 3 times a year and it still looks great. We built the PVC frame, as suggested, and this has really increased the life of the banner. Bold, clear message that reaches motorists passing by.
By: Karen
Inserted: 11/8/2013

I use this custom printed sign for my booth at our local fall festival. It is placed out front and draws more attention to what I have to share.
By: John Caviness
Inserted: 6/17/2013

We bought several of these beautiful banners on our double sided highway signs to encourage individuals to vote prolife. They are very durable and the colors are strikingly attractive. The grommet made it easy to attach the banners to 4x8 plywood with wire, to which we wired to fence posts. These can be easily taken down and replaced with different banners depending on what theme is desired or time of the year.
By: Eleanore Warner
Inserted: 12/26/2012

We chose this banner because it is an election year, and yet, we didn't want it to be overtly political, since we have set it up in front of our Church. It faces a well-traveled main road, and it is large enough to be seen well by the drivers passing us by. I think the smiling baby in front of the American Flag is perfect also to put up near the 4th of July and Memorial Day.
By: Regina Wyrzykowski
Inserted: 8/29/2012

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