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Title: Touch of Life Cleaning Instructions

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/18/2012

Description: Contains the recommended methods of cleaning the rubber used for Touch of Life Fetal Models.

Group Fetal Models, Touch of Life, In the Womb
Item In The Womb, Brown
Item Number 7561WV
Format Set
Material Rubber
Material Color Brown
Process Hand Made
Size 18.5W x 9.5H x 8T
Weight 148 Oz.
Includes Babies at 10, 12, 14 and 16 Weeks in Wombs with a Black Acrylic Display Stand
Reviewed Physician Approved
Description: The development of an unborn baby is both beautiful and amazing. God's design for the protection, growth, and nourishment of the baby while in the mother's womb is nothing short of miraculous. It is this splendor and grace that is captured for you to share in the...Touch of Life in the Womb fetal models. This medically accurate set is designed to display at fairs, offices, churches, or anywhere that you want to make a lasting impact on the viewer. Each hand-crafted baby lays snugly in a semi-clear womb. The womb halves fit perfectly together and the hint of the baby inside creates a curiosity to see, feel, and know more.


Customer Reviews

This is an excellent product. It really gets people's attention. It is a great discussion starter with our clients and when we use it in the community.
By: Tricia
Inserted: 7/1/2013

The babies are the heart of the pro life movement and this set is something every pro life group should have.
By: Jose
Inserted: 4/5/2013

These models are amazing! I am so glad we purchased them. My husband and I put a pro-life table up at our church several times a year. Once we added these to our table, so many more people approach us - especially the kids! The kids love being able to hold the babies. I have been pregnant a couple of times since we bought these, and I love holding the correct size baby up to my belly for the kids to see! Thanks for carrying these!
By: Mary
Inserted: 9/12/2012

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