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Group Literature, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded
Item PACK (50): Ten Reasons I Want an Abortion
Item Number 9430TR-P
Format Tri-Fold
Material 80# Text
Process Process Printing
Imprinted With Gloss Coated
Length 1 Pgs.
Size 11W x 8.5H x 0.01T
Weight 12.9 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 50
Reviewed Physician Approved
Description: The ten most used reasons by women visiting pregnancy care centers are respectfully answered. My parents ... my boyfriend ... I can’t support a baby ... it’s my body ... I was raped ... I ’m being pressured ... and more. It encourages women to rely on God’s promises and to ask God to guide them as they explore their options. By Laurie Turnow. SOLD IN PACKS OF 50 ONLY.


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8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color

Customer Reviews

I love the simplicity of how the brochure counter-argues reasons to have an abortion. It is clear and to the point and, yet, maintains a tone of compassion and understanding.
By: Karla
Inserted: 1/2/2019

In the Sidewalk Advocates training they teach you,"Mom, Baby, God" for a reason. Unless she brings it up first, bringing religion into the discussion turns a lot of people off. They shut down and assume that you're only coming at it from a religious perspective and if they don't share your beliefs it doesn't apply to them. Otherwise it overcomes many common reasons for abortion, but you have a better chance of saving the baby if you avoid religion unless she brings it up first.
By: Katie O'Brien
Inserted: 12/29/2018

The Title is so non threating. It draws the abortion intent mom to read the excellent information contained within.
By: Pat Brown
Inserted: 6/6/2014

Very helpful for me, as a pro-life physician. Truly "physician approved".
By: Lucy
Inserted: 6/25/2013

Very catchy front cover, great information! Very helpful for our sidewalk counselors!
By: Sarah
Inserted: 5/30/2013

Title is catchy, draws the reader in and then answers all the common reasons why many women seek abortion. We use this brochure a lot at our center.
By: Jan
Inserted: 4/30/2013

This brochure is attractive, easy to read and to the point. These are all reasons that girls give for having an abortion and the responses to these reasons in this brochure are very well written. We use this one a lot at our center.
By: Brianne
Inserted: 3/18/2013

I love this brochure. It gives the best description of reasons you hear from clients in the counseling room for abortion consideration. It is a great tool to relate with your client and earn her respect because you know how she feels. It is well written!
By: Jeannie Smith
Inserted: 3/13/2013

This literature calmly refutes the top ten reasons I hear women say on their way to an abortion clinic. It is very well written, and will comes across as an indesputable case for Life.
By: Andrea
Inserted: 1/15/2013

This brochure addresses the most common reasons our clients give for wanting an abortion - showing an understanding of their concerns and fears while offering a better solution through choosing llife.
By: Sheri
Inserted: 9/30/2012

This brochure is used in many ways at our PRMC. Not only is it used for abortion minded clients but it is very helpful when at community health fairs and other group settings. It is easy to understand and has great pro-life statements to many of the questions that young women have about way they really want an abortion.
By: Jan
Inserted: 9/24/2012

This pamphlet gets to the heart of the matter by tackling the main reasons young girls and women consider abortion. Each reason for abortion is answered in a compassionate, clear and reasoned way in language that is easily understood. A must have for sidewalk counselors!
By: Charlotte
Inserted: 9/18/2012

The front of this brochure peaks your interest with it's statement "10 Reason I Want an Abortion" and then gives pro life answers to each reasons. This is also good information for pro-life youth to have if a friend has a unplanned pregnancy.
By: Linda
Inserted: 9/2/2012

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