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Group EWYL, Resources
Item Main, Life Skills, Toddler EWYL Literature Refill
Item Number 9332EW
Weight 12 Lbs.
Description: Literature Packs for EWYL Customers to refill their literature for the Main, Life Skills and Toddler Curriculum Packs.

Titles included at 50 copies are:
*Your Newborn's Emotions (item no. 986YB-L)
*Your Baby Learns From Every Experience (item no. 985EE-L)
*Coming Home with Your Baby (item no. 987TY-L)
*When Your Baby Cries (item no. 989EI-L)
*Caring for Your body After (item no. 990YB-L)
*Breast is Best (item no.9470WB)
*How to Breast Feed (item no.9471HB)
*Problems and Solutions (item no.9472BP)
*Formula Feeding(item no.9473FF)
*Tantrums (item no. 9454TT)
*Stealing (item no. 9455PS)
*Whining (item no. 9456WH)
*New Babies and Older Children (item no. 9458BH)
*Watching for Abuse (item no. 9459KW)
*Potty Training (item no.9460PT)
*Introduction to Solid food (item no.9466SF)
*Baby Illnesses (item no. 9468BS)
*Car Seat Safety (item no.9469CS)
*Smoking and Pregnancy (item no. 9350SP)
*Childhood Immunizations (item no. 9488IM)
*All I Want Is Love (item no. 9515AW)
*Intimacy (item no. 901IN)
*The Importance of Nurturing Your Baby (item no. 992NY-L)
*Baby Bathing Basics (item no. 9467BB)
*Your Ultrasound (item no. 9354YU)
*Postpartum Depression/Baby Blues (item no. 9389PP)
*Baby Illnesses (item no. 9468BS)

Titles included at 10 copies are:
*The First Nine Months (item no. 9993NM)
*Why You Should Wait Tabloid(item no. 967WY)
*The Message of Hope Booklet (item no. 979MH)




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