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Item Life Before Birth Calendar 2019
Item Number Calendar19
Format Booklet
Process Process Printing
Length 28 Pgs.
Published 5/16/2017 12:00:00 AM
Size 11W x 18.75H
Weight 5.3 Oz.
Description: The amazing and beautiful, "Life Before Birth" calendars are back for 2019 with the same changes as 2018. At this low price you can give them away or use them to raise funds or use them in a hundred different ways. We know this lower price opens the possibilities for you and your center and we hope you will be able to save and change even more lives with this great tool at such a low price. Please note though, prices go up on 8/15/18 - and you don't want to miss these low prices!
Each page features the adorable image of a baby - matched with the same baby's 3D ultrasounds from before they were born. Any person looking at these images can quickly see the similarities before and after birth. This calendar is more than life-attesting, it is a mind changer. Use it for donor thank-yous, volunteer gifts, or presents for churches, organizations, or family. Put one up in your work place, at home, and your church. The possibilities are endless and the message is powerful.
This allows your name to be in front of your donors or volunteers all year long! We made huge changes this year. The biggest change was in price. We reduced the pricing of the calendar by over 50%. We are able to do this because we are taking a big risk. We believe that by slashing our prices (and updating the design) we will be able to sell many more calendars. If we print more calendars, the price for printing goes down. In short, we are passing on our quantity discount to you. We really do want to help pro-life ministries to save and change more lives and we believe this drastic price cut will help make that happen.
Part of this new lower pricing is that labels are not included in the pricing. By decoupling this option it allows lower pricing for those who don't want labels while giving a very affordable option for those who do want to use the flap to keep their ministry in front of their donors all year long. Smaller labels are just $0.10 each ($10 for a whole case) and the full-labels (fit across the width of the flap) are just $0.20. Finally, if you wish us to apply the labels for you, there is an additional $0.25 per calendar fee.
In addition to these changes, we will also be changing the case size from 50 to 100. The price is so drastically lower that it made more sense to package by hundreds. This calendar will also have 12-months (instead of 14 like last year) to allow costs to be cut even further so that you can purchase these at an amazing low price. Finally, the most noticeable change this year is in the calendar design. The design is a page turner as the viewer looks to see which of the babies is the cutest and who looks the most like their ultrasounds. The design is simply fun - and we know your donors will love it too.
If you order 1,000 calendars or more, we will be able to custom print your cover for just a $199 plate/art fee (plus the standard pricing). That means you can add your logo, information, and even your own pictures to the front of the cover, the back, and the fold down flap. This will make your calendars have an even greater impact. And the process is EASY! Just send us what you would like and we will send back a professionally designed proof. You must order before August 15, 2018 and have your customization information in by 8/25/18.


This product is no longer available

Customer Reviews

The Life Before Birth calendars started out for Two Hearts PCC as a Thank YOU gift for our supporters and donors. We would send them at Christmas time and would have so many people coming in to get one that we would run out. Now, several years down the road, we use these as a tool to teach the value of life. Also, the calendars are great for advertising the ministry to possible clients, and to reach donors who may have never heard of us. We also had the blessing of memorably honoring one of our volunteers with the calendars the year she passed. The cost of these calendars will never outweigh the true value they will be to your Pregnancy Care Center.
By: Sandy Bellomy, Two Hearts Pregnancy Care Centers
Inserted: 5/17/2017

We have been ordering and utilizing the Life Before Birth calendars each year for our five annual fundraising banquets. Our attendees absolutely love receiving their calendars as a "thank you" gift; so much so that we have often run out of them before our last banquet is finished! They are a lovely visual representation of lives that are saved because of the sacrificial donations given to support pro-life medical clinics and pregnancy centers across the country.
By: Suzi Steele, Informed Choices Medical Clinics
Inserted: 5/17/2017

We absolutely love the Life Before Birth Calendars, as do our recipients! They tell a wonderful story, and are absolutely-full of life! Each picture has its own story to tell and we make sure to explain that to our recipients. They are a wonderful fundraising opportunity for Pregnancy Centers, as there is no better way to represent your mission. We have prior recipients that actually-look forward to receiving these calendars annually! They are truly an amazing creation!
By: Cindy Winneberger, Central WV Center for Pregnancy Care, Inc.
Inserted: 5/17/2017

he Life Before Birth Calendars are a beautiful way to share the work and mission of our Center, We have calendars placed in each office and on the main bulletin board. Calendars are presented to Board members at the end of the year dinner and give out to each staff and volunteer of the Center. We also give out calendars to our donors who love to see the ultrasound and photos of the babies. The images are a beautiful reminder of the need for Pregnancy Help Centers and how precious each baby is.
By: Jane Chavez, Executive Director, Pregnancy Help Center of San Gabriel Valley, Inc.
Inserted: 5/17/2017

Our supporters and clients have been head-over-heels over the Life Before Birth calendars! In addition to the awesome pictures, this calendar in the past has featured great information about the conception to birth process, with a glimpse into the baby's growth through each of the nine months spent cozily floating inside the mother's womb. I can't think of a better Christmas thank you gift for our supporters.
By: Kathy Krekel, Community Outreach Director, Care Net Pregnancy Center of Santa Fe
Inserted: 5/17/2017

The Life Before Birth Calendar is a POWERFUL tool which shows the humanity of the unborn in an undeniable way. Visitors are captivated by the clear sonogram images and the adorable after birth photos.
By: Kelly Quinn, Executive Director, Tulare-Kings Right to Life
Inserted: 5/17/2017

We have used the Life Before Birth calendars for many years; our donors and volunteers love receiving one each year as our gift to them. We also give them to our partner churches, many tell me that they look forward to seeing the sweet babies pictured each month. By personalizing with our logo and contact information, it's a great way to keep our mission front and center to those who pray for us, volunteer and support the Ministry financially.
By: Angela Murray, Outreach and Volunteer Manager, Pregnancy Clinic
Inserted: 5/17/2017

We use the Life Before Birth calendars in a variety of ways - as a thank you gift for banquet table hosts, walk sponsors, churches that support us, and as a marketing piece. The response has always been one of awe as the recipient sees the ultrasound images and realizes how unique each child is. Heritage House has done an outstanding job promoting the beauty and sanctity of life with these calendars!
By: Diane Pruitt, Executive Director, Alpha Women's Resource Center
Inserted: 5/17/2017

The calendars are so unique. Everyone has seen a calendar with a cute picture of a baby, but these calendars go way beyond that. What an amazing way to reinforce the pro-life message than to have pictures of the baby before and after birth! These calendars touch the heart of anyone who looks at it. Our donors loved them!
By: Latasha Thomas, BSN, RN, Director, New Life Crisis Pregnancy Center
Inserted: 5/17/2017

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