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Group EWYL, Updates
Item SPANISH Main Curriculum Updates 2017
Item Number 7602EWYL-M17P
Weight 6.5 Lbs.
Includes Spanish Printed Lesson
Description: 2017, we have made 12 vital updates in the EWYL Main Curriculum. covering subjects from CPR to SIDS, these new lessons and DVDs are an important purchase for your center. The DVDs are all new and produced specifically to reach your clients with information that is accessible as well as targeted to create greater relationships. THESE ARE PRINTED LESSONS ONLY.
All 13 Printed lessons are as follows:
Lesson 1.4 Your Ultrasound Appointment
Lesson 2.2 Emotions Of Pregnancy
Lesson 2.4 Bonding With Your Unborn Baby
Lesson 3.4 Big Belly Mom Hacks
Lesson 6.1 Going It Alone (Lesson Renumber)
Lesson 6.3 Smoking/Drinking Drugs
Lesson 6.5 Domestic Violence (Moved from 7.5)
Lesson 7.3 Car Seat Safety
Lesson 7.5 Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Lesson 8.2 SIDS
Lesson 8.4 Infant CPR
Lesson 9.1 Infant Nutrition
Lesson 9.2 Baby On The Move




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